The wheels are turning…

There is a lot that goes into to being a one woman show as it were. As of October 1st, we will be accepting submissions. Basic guidelines for submission are currently posted on the submission tab. More specific guidelines and submission link will be up but Friday September 23rd.

So, getting published is a big step. Are you ready to take it? Will you let us help?

At this time  (as of 10/1/16) we will be accepting submissions of all kinds. Please keep in mind that submissions should not be your first draft. Be sure that you have edited and revised for submission before you do so. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good impression.

Media and marketing for all works will be a combined effort between the publisher and author. It is expected that most prospective authors will have somewhat of a media presence, but we know that is not always so. If you do not have one, don’t panic. We will work with you to expand your social media platform and guide you through.


Palmas Publishing and author L.E. Perez will  be at Indie Bookfest 2016 in Orlando Floria October 7 & 8. This is THE Fest for the Indie author. If you can make it I recommend that you do so.

Industry Day-primarily for authors is Friday October 7th with lots more for everyone on Saturday.

Click on the link  to get more information and schedule and to buy tickets. Indie Bookfest 2016

Hope to see you there.

Laura, your humble publisher.

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