3-d-book-cover1-templateThe Hunt-A Thrill of the Hunt Anthology is the second installment in this anthology series and the second published under the Palmas Publishing moniker.  All ebook proceeds are donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. It has been available on Amazon since October 1, 2016. This installment includes short stories from ten different authors all with a unique slant on thrills and suspense. It premiered at Indie Bookfest 2016 in Orlando, Florida the weekend of October 7, 2016. L.E. Perez author site


10389655_10207693301000046_3721535155353055464_nThrill of the Hunt- A Collection of Suspenseful Tales was released on December 15, 2015. It was spearheaded by author L.E. Perez who enlisted six other authors she met at Indie Bookfest 2015 to participate in a thriller anthology.  

This spawned the idea for the second incarnation. L.E. Perez


white wolf 7                  Touch of the White Wolf is the first book in the White Wolf series by BJ Hunter. Join Jenna, a young girl who is magically transformed into a white wolf, as she must overcome numerous challenges on her journey to rescue a unicorn from a group of hunters. On her fast-paced adventure through magical Middle Forest, she enlists the help of a dragon, along with various other creatures, and in doing so learns how she fits into the legend of the white wolf. BJ Hunter


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