As a full service publisher, we strive to provide the services a new author needs.

Such as:

  • Editing-Content and line editing (separate cost)
  • Graphics and cover design (separate cost or contractual)
  • Formatting for print and ebook (Kindle, Ibooks, Nook, etc) (flat fee)
  • Creating your social media platform and mailing lists
  • One on one meetings (in person or via video) to discuss your goals as an author.
  • Consulting: $99-We will help you create your social media platform and provide publishing and marketing guidance for 90 days.

Always strive to submit the very best work you can. This reduces the amount of editing that may be necessary. As an author, it is primarily your job to revise and edit your work. Ours is to help you polish it for release. Let us help you do that.


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